Cellular Phone (Cell Phone): It is a mobile phone or mobile (also called cellphone and handphone) is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications (mobile telephone, text messaging or data transmission) over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites.
A Smart Phone is a mobile phone offering advanced functions which may normally only be found on a PC. These often have email and internet capabilities as well as a built-in keyboard.'
A Netbook is a small, portable laptop computer specifically designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. Usually equipped with a small monitor, 9-10 inches, and lacking a CD/DVD drive, but considerably lighter than common 14" and 15.4" laptops (or notebooks).
A Wireless PC Card Adapter is a network card that connects the computer to the Internet over a cellular network. There are two types of Wireless PC cards: for special PC slot of the Notebook and for USB slot. If you have Notebook with Wireless PC card, you will be connected to the Internet from any place that the cellular network covers.

Cellular Devices Comparison

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On this page you can check different mobile devices ( Cellular Phones, Smartphones, Netbooks, Wireless PC cards) for Comparison. Click on "check availability" and enter your ZIP code. From drop down menus select Carrier, Brand, Price and Phone
type (Device type). If you have already chosen your mobile
device, click on the "Select" button of the preferred Device only.

Check 2 to 6 devices by your choice and click "Compare"
button (if the preferred devices aren't on different pages, click
on "display all"). The Features of chosen devices will be
displayed. When you have chosen your device click on it. The chosen Phone will appear only. Read detail information about
the Phone, then read "Next Step" under it and follow .the instructions.

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