Cellular Phone (Cell Phone): It is a mobile phone or mobile (also called cellphone and handphone) is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications (mobile telephone, text messaging or data transmission) over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites.
A Cellular Phone Plan is a mobile account plan coresponding to your individual or group needs.
A Prepaid Cellular Card is a SIM card that needs some prepaid sum. No monthly feeds required. You can use your cell phone as long as the card deposit is not empty. You can recharge the card deposit any moment.
Cellular Accessories are additional products that enhance comfort when using your mobile phone: Bluetooth Headsets, Skins, Car Chargers, Cases, Home Chargers, Memory Cards.
Cellular Technology: This term, typically used for all cellular phones regardless of the technology use, derives from cellular base stations that receive and transmit calls. Both cellular and personal communications service (PCS) phones use cellular technology.
A Smart Phone is a mobile phone offering advanced functions which may normally only be found on a PC. These often have email and internet capabilities as well as a built-in keyboard.'
A Netbook is a small, portable laptop computer specifically designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. Usually equipped with a small monitor, 9-10 inches, and lacking a CD/DVD drive, but considerably lighter than common 14" and 15.4" laptops (or notebooks).
A Wireless PC Card Adapter is a network card that connects the computer to the Internet over a cellular network. There are two types of Wireless PC cards: for special PC slot of the Notebook and for USB slot. If you have Notebook with Wireless PC card, you will be connected to the Internet from any place that the cellular network covers.
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Cellular Mobile Telecommunications

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Cellular Telecommunications Introduction

The Mobile Telecommunications based on Cellular Technology
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